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About our Early Years Programming

  • Munchkin Place's Path to Success programming which includes Adventuring, Reading, Playing, Writing, Munchkin Math, Dance, Science, Music, Geography, Exploring, Crafting, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills and Social Skills development.

  • Early Learning Adventures 

  • Tremendous Toddlers 

  • Preschool/Kindergarten Preparedness 

  • Tailored Programing customized to accommodate children's and family's needs/routines.

  • An inclusive group Learning environment 

  • Daily ART Lessons 

  • Daily FUN KID'S Yoga 

  • Kindergarten   Preparedness: Ensure that your little one is ready for Kindergarten with help from Munchkin Place Home Daycare.

  • Learning Through Art and Learning Through Play 

  • Fun and Arts based programming 

  • Home Cooked, Healthy and Delicious meals.

  • Guaranteed Potty Training tips from Munchkin Place Home Daycare

Munchkin Place Daycare Fees

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    Munchkin Place Home Daycare

    Munchkin Place has opted in to the Canada Wide Early Year and Child Care Care Agreement. Munchkin Place is licensed by the amazing Hopscotch Home Daycare Agency Ltd.

    Complete the form below to be added to our waitlist.  Please include the following information via our Contact Form; Program of InterestName/Names of Child/Children, the Month and Year of Birth for all children that you are requesting to add to the waitlist.  As well as Type of Care needled, Full-time or Part-time.  If Part-time; please include the days of the week, number of days and times that your family would prefer.  All families will be required to have a telephone interview prior to coming for a meet and greet at Munchkin Place Daycare.    Please note Munchkin Place will offer available daycare openings to currently enrolled Munchkin Place families prior to waitlisted families. Munchkin Place only has a limited number of spaces which will be offered based on suitability, needs and age ranges of our current daycare families.

     Onsite VISITORS are welcome BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Appointments are available outside of regular business hours.